Experience Total Safety of the 2016 Jeep Cherokee from a Chrysler Dodge Ram Dealership near Dawsonville, GA

The 2016 Jeep Cherokee is a no-nonsense type of car. It takes no chances when it comes to its business, which is the business of keeping you safe and providing an excellent all-around user experience. The first thing it provides you is a rock steady light weight framework that does not slow down the car, but provides complete protection in the event of a collision. With airbags carefully placed inside the car, you are protected in equal proportions both internally and externally.

It packs a whole array of technology that’s also aimed at protecting you in the best way a vehicle can. Assisted stopping and anti-lock brakes are just a few of the features put in place for your protection. It also tracks data on your regular driving behavior. This special feature allows it to detect and save your normal driving patterns. That way, it will automatically react if it ever senses a drastic change in those driving patterns, indicating that you may be in trouble on the road.

This vehicle is also equipped with a top-if-the-line navigation system that also doubles as a superb entertainment system to keep you company on any trip. Even better, it comes with a 16 valve eco-boosting engine that silently powers you for miles on end, making sure to put every drop of gas to good use. Giving you up to 489 highway miles when filled to capacity, your fuel will last for days on end.

The final icing on the top of this Jeep Cherokee cake is the beautiful body and exquisite interior. Take it out for a spin by going to any Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealerships serving Dawsonville, GA and experience the 2016 Cherokee’s total package of safety and technology.

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