2016 Jeep Cherokee From Gainesville, GA Chrysler Dodge Ram Nearby Dealerships: Always On The Go

Whatever adventure you want to take and wherever you need to go, you can definitely count on the 2016 Jeep Cherokee. Designed with space and performance in mind, this model has the capacity to bring you to your next destination – whether it be on the beach or the movie theater in the city. Its perfect blend of style and power makes it an almost all-around vehicle.

Adequate Cargo Space

Do you need to carry a lot of items for you trip to the beach or the mountains? There’s nothing to worry about because the Cherokee has enough room for all your stuff. It features 60/40 split seats in the second row that you can conveniently fold down whenever you need more cargo space. Handy hooks are also available, as well as a bag holder for your grocery. All these to accommodate everything that you need for your trip. If you’re inviting your friends, the Cherokee offers comfortable room for them as well, making it a reliable vehicle for group trips.

Powerful Yet Smooth Driving Dynamics

Giving you a mileage of 489 highway miles on a full tank, the Cherokee provides you a wide range of destinations to explore. Not only that, because it runs on a 2.4-liter Tigershark MultiAir 2 14 engine, you can be assured of a powerful performance. Combine these features with a disconnecting rear axle helps you get a 4×4 performance. Cherokee’s power sounds tough; however, it ensures a smooth ride with its front and rear independent suspensions. You can also get better control with an electronic steering system that responds to your speed preference.

For a vehicle that’s always on the go, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee is a leading candidate. Go to reliable Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealerships near Gainesville, GA to see it for yourself.

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