Gainesville, GA Should Listen to the Rave Reviews for the 2016 Ram 1500

The 2016 Ram 1500 is one of the many half-ton pickups that have come around the bend, but it’s clearly in a class of its own, boasting superb look and feel, power, convenience, and safety features. As more and more reviews pour in, it’s becoming clear that people are absolutely in love with the new Ram 1500.

The Look and Feel

Reviewers all around have fallen in love with the look of the 2016 Ram 1500, especially the higher-end models. The wood grain trim and pristine stitching in the seats has had a profound impact on customers and reviewers alike. Not all of the gorgeous touches are without their utility, though. The grille can come customized with shutters and the tailgate has a rear lip, enhancing the aerodynamic shape of the truck. The 8.4-inch touchscreen in the cab provides the driver with an intuitive and streamlined method of summoning any data they need, when they need it.

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