2016 Jeep Cherokee from Gainesville, GA Nearby Chrysler Dodge Ram Dealerships: A Powerful Truck That Can Park Itself

Traveling on different terrains is fun because it lets you go through uncharted trails and do things that seem impossible. However, in order to safely participate in these types of adventures, you need a reliable vehicle. This is where a 2016 Jeep Cherokee comes in handy. Not only is this SUV made for these types of journeys, but it’s also a reliable commuter vehicle if you need one. See what this vehicle is made of and head down to some your reliable Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealerships located around Gainesville, GA.

Plenty of Options

A great thing about this off-roading SUV is the multitude of options you have in terms of packages. For the engine, you can either choose a four-cylinder or V-6 powered engine. You also can choose between a front-wheel drive or 4×4 system, depending on the type of driving you are going to be doing. For off-road purposes, for example, it doesn’t get any better than four-wheel drive. You can confidently tackle different types of terrains, such as water, snow, and mud without having to worry about getting stuck.


One drag that comes with any vehicle is having to park it. This can be tedious and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with this SUV, thanks to its self-parking mode. Once you have lined the car up in the right direction, the SUV takes over. The wheel turns by itself and the pedals operate without your control. Parking has never been so easy.

Make the most out of your explorations with this new Jeep Cherokee. Not only can it handle all the things you can throw at it on the road, but the stylish interior gives it a luxurious touch.

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