2016 Jeep Cherokees from Dahlonega, GA Nearby Chrysler Dodge Ram Dealerships: What Does the Trail Rated Badge Mean?

When it comes to toughness, few manufacturers can challenge Jeep’s reputation. This is, after all, a brand that designs vehicles with off-road driving in mind. This is why when people go to Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealerships near Dahlonega, GA in search of the 2016 Jeep Cherokee, they’ll probably notice a curious badge that says “Trail Rated®.” If you’re new to Jeep vehicles and are curious about this badge, the section below gives a brief overview.

Worthy of the Trail

In a nutshell, the Trail Rated® badge is Jeep’s internal quality assurance system designed to ensure that all of its 4×4 vehicles are trail worthy. Models are sent off to the Rubicon Trail, one of the most unforgiving terrains on the country, to test their mettle.

Five-Way Test

In particular, there are five categories that every jeep must pass to earn a Trail Rated® badge:


Jeep vehicles must prove that they are able to climb even toughest terrains, including steep, untamed, and slippery surfaces.

Water Fording

Tested vehicles must also prove that they are capable of fording water without getting stuck. The Cherokee, for example, can clear a 20-inch-deep stream with no problem.


Nooks and crannies abound in off-road terrains. Fortunately, Jeep vehicles are equipped with precision steering and advanced wheelbases to get you out of even the trickiest spots.


Excellent articulation means that even if one or more tires are elevated, those on the surface terrain can still provide maximum traction to keep the vehicle moving.

Ground Clearance

Boulders and fallen logs litter trail terrains, but fortunately the Jeep Cherokee has a minimum ground clearance of at least 8.7 inches.

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