2016 Jeep Cherokee from Cornelia, GA Near Chrysler Dodge Ram Dealers: Parking Benefits

Admit it: no matter how long you’ve been driving, you always get that twinge of anxiety whenever you have to parallel park. Why wouldn’t you? Trying to squeeze your precious vehicle between two others not only requires all of your driving know-how, there’s also the very possible risk of ramming not just one but both cars–a very expensive mistake, indeed.

Thanks to technology, though, parallel parking no longer has to be a nerve-wracking experience. For example, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee, which is available at many Chrysler Dodge Ram dealers around Cornelia, GA, features an advanced system that recognizes parking openings and prompts you on how best to park there.

How does it work? With the push of a button, you activate the Cherokee’s ultrasonic sensors which detect objects both in front and behind the vehicle. The technology works seamlessly with the auto’s ParkSense® Front and Rear Park Assist System, so nearby cars are flashed on a dashboard monitor to help you better gauge distance. Veer too close to another car’s bumper, for instance, and the system will prompt you to stop before any collision can occur.

In fact, the system claims to be so effective that you can take your hands off the wheel and let the Cherokee do the parking for you! Lest you wonder, this system is also helpful in any parking scenario, including perpendicular parking.

If you’re in the market for a new car, the Cherokee is definitely worth a second look. Not only will you be driving a stylish car with a legacy of excellence, you’ll also enjoy a safety feature that will give you greater peace of mind. This vehicle is available in a variety of colors, builds, and engines, so be sure to talk to a trusted dealer to find one that’s perfect for your needs.

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